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More car problems?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I brought the family-car to the garage today to have the power steering pump repaired…expected time to repair, well, uhh, just a couple of hours, they said…hmm…well, uhh, NOT! πŸ™

It turns out that some other things related to the power steering pump were running bad, and since that could potentially damage the engine, driving is a no-no until it’s fixed…and…they can fix it only after they receive the required car part from France!! Aaahhh, come on people, it’s just a friggin’ basic Renault MΓ©gane Scenic, not some special, one of a kind old-timer orso!! (or is it…? ;))

Anyway, they ‘hope’ to have it fixed on Friday…that means that Ray’s in the bus the coming days, nicely increasing my commute time from roughly 45 mins to over 1.5h…one way! Damn!

Well, at least that’ll give me more than enough time to catch up on some podcasts! (I am a bit behind on No Agenda and The MacCast)

Hmm, it’s not the best start for yesterdays rabbit, rabbit…still 28 days to go though…