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New Apple MacBooks!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today revealed new MacBooks in the special notebook event.

Most of the details were ‘known‘ by the community already, and it is great to see them confirmed. I won’t write about the different models, the new way to produce notebooks with a precision unibody enclosure from a solid piece of aluminum, new state of the art NVIDIA graphics, brilliant instant-on LED-backlit displays and new large glass Multi-Touch(TM) trackpad…THAT information is available on several techsites or via the video of the Keynote. 😉

The new MacBooks look great, and timing could not have been better; the new notebooks are available from today and Kissy coincidentally flew to LA today…YAY!!

I have been holding off some months now…one 13-inch MacBook please! 😉