In search of THE tree

With Sinterklaas going back to Spain and Xmas coming close, tonight was THE moment to get THE Christmas tree!

Not an easy task, oh no, although some people might just come in the ‘Xmas tree shop’, pick one that looks like wood with needles, pay and leave…well, not us! Picking the right tree (aka THE tree) is a quite delicate and time consuming task. There are normally only a few trees in the ‘Xmas tree shop’ that are matching theΒ  requirements in length, shape, number of branches, lack of any weird parts, etc)…it normally takes years for a tree to become THE tree, so finding it in a random ‘Xmas tree shop’ is merely a matter of using the Law of Attraction!

The good news is; we found him, or her…probably ‘it’ (I have to be careful here, someone told me tonight that trees have feeling too πŸ˜‰ ).

Anyway, THE tree is getting time to acclimatize overnight, and will be decorated tomorrow…a picture will follow afterwards.

I LOVE this time of the year!