Three times stuck in a cloud of ashes

The ban on flying caused Robbert’s to be canceled last night, so he got the ‘luck’ of some extra days in Norway (expected to depart tomorrow, that is, *if* the ashes vanish in time of course).

Kissy flew to Bangkok last Wednesday and instead of returning yesterday as scheduled, she was ‘forced’ to enjoy some extra days there! πŸ˜‰ (she had to stay in/close to the hotel though, due to the violence threat of the ‘Red Shirts’ anti-government protesters).

Four people of my team could not fly into Norway for a group meeting tomorrow/Wednesday, so I canceled the meeting (teleconference instead). Actually, even if they would be able to fly in, I’d probably cancel anyway, coz of the risk of not getting *out* of Norway if things get worse in the coming days, something that was expected to happen according to the news earlier today, but they took that message back.

I guess we all like our ashes in the sky, eh? πŸ˜‰