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Lost in Lofoten?!?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

A title like this could mean many things;

That we lost the way and are not sure where we are?

That Denmark unfortunately lost its match to Holland with 2-0? (well, nothing unfortunate about that; we followed the match via an internet stream of the radio report with Jack van Gelder and cheered the orange lions to the victory! 😉 )

That change is all around and we should be open for ‘losing’ things we know and are o-so familiar with?!?

Nah, nothing of all this; I took the final Season 6 of the TV series ‘Lost‘ with us, and as we all know that means we’ll be low on sleep for some days…haha, I actually proposed to watch it until it gets dark, but that ain’t a very good idea in Lofoten with 24h light! 😉