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Stavern in the sun and jellyfish in the fjord

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

The island we are on is called Malmรธya which is close to Larvik and Stavern. The area is flooded with dutchies this weekend as the Colin Archer Memorial Race took place this week. The CAM is a sailing race from Lauwersoog (NL) – Larvik (N) and our friends Tore and Carmen competed in it, they finished second in their class, so congrats to them!
Today we went to Stavern, a nice little village nearby. Weather was absolutely fantastic, and it felt as if we were in Southern France! A dive in the water would have been nice to cool down, but the jellyfish prevented us from doing so…’they’ say that the amount of yellyfish in the Oslo fjord is extreme this year and I believe ‘them’, bbrrrrr!