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Ringnes Beermuseum

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Similar as what Heineken has in NL with the Heineken Experience, the (‘THE’?) Norwegian beer-brand Ringnes has its Ølsenter, a Beer Museum within their old brewery in Grünerløkka, Oslo where they arrange beer tastings and other beer-related activities. Tonight we went there with a group from work to uhhh, learn about the history of beer 😉 …well, as it was all in Norwegian, spoken fast and pretty technical, I didn’t learn much, the drinking and tasting part however was pretty easy to follow, hehe…yummmm! 😉

Going back home afterwards felt like a ‘Driving home for Christmas’…indeed, snow came early this year! Jeez, it’s October 21 and we’ve had the first snow of the season, it’s gonna be a looonnngggggg winter!!