Love IS…

When you know for sure
that you are indeed connected
to All-That-Is
through love,
then you have,
even if it is for the briefest moment,
a perfect understanding
of who You really are.

For you are this love.

You are the very love
that connects all things
and all ideas
and that is the basis
for all creation everywhere.

In fact,
you could never be anywhere
that this love is not.

It is unconditional.

This love,
this powerful force,
does not know
that you are
contracting away from it
or forgetting it
or pretending
that it does not exist,
for it never once loses sight
of who You really are.

no matter the circumstance,
no matter the struggle,
no matter the matter,
you are always held
in this perfect,
always expanding love.

To experience this love,
all you need do
is find something
or someone
to appreciate.

In that moment
when you see him
or her
or it
or them
as the delicious creations
that they are,
then you are experiencing
the love of All-That-Is.

In that moment,
you are connecting
to Source energy.

And we can tell you,
quite certainly,
that you will never
see things
the same way


(via Communion of Light, thx for this! LOVE truly IS…and it is beautiful!)