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Where were you…

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

A question many have asked themselves today, 10 years after some airplanes took an unexpected direction and flew into New York’s World Trade Center, starting off a ‘war against terror’ (for completely different reasons as what governments and main media would like you to believe btw…).

So, where were you, today 10 years go on ‘9/11’?

I remember waking up in Cairns Australia, getting ready to fly home via Sydney after a 5 weeks vacation where we visited my brother Willem-Jan and Patricia who were on a 1 year trip Downunder….the first thing I remember were the disturbing text messages on my phone informing us of what happened….then a crazy taxi ride to the airport where the taxi driver told us what he heard so far (wtf!)….the uncertainty if the flight to Sydney would go at all….arriving in Sydney and wandering around, seeing some of the city’s highlights, but mainly being shocked by the news and videos broadcasted on big screens throughout the city….awful!!!

Yeah, that day 10 years ago is definitely one of those days on which *everyone* remembers exactly where he/she was when hearing ‘the’ news…