I did quite some airtime the past weeks, and have some ahead of me the coming weeks; I flew to NL last Friday and after a fantastic Summerlake festival on Saturday I flew to Macedonia this Monday. Skopje means working longgggg days (ok, a tad of social fun as we went out Monday night which was enough to kill all other initiatives that were planned hahaha) and I came back in NL tonight, ready to fly out again tomorrow morning (eaaaarlyyyy, the 6am pyjama flight bluhhh) to sunny Mallorca for a wedding! ‘A’ wedding?! Well, not just ‘a’ wedding as over 150 guests are flying in for this event…it is gonna be GREAT!

Anyway, I will turn into flying-mode once more on Sunday night, so I am back in NL in time for Misha’s 3rd Birthday on Monday (yeah, he is a real boy now, time uuh flies! 🙂 ). Tuesday is flyway once more (working from Skopje that week) and back to NL on Saturday morning (once more pyjama flight bluhhh). Finally, Saturday nightI will fly home to Norway…that’s quite some flying, oofff! (oh, the Wednesday after I am flying to NL for Kristel and Herman’s wedding on the 10th, how I love to fly haha).

In a way I am looking forward to be ‘stuck’ at home from October 11 until November 7 without any flying as my then 3 year old angel is with me all those weeks yay! 🙂