Happy 2015!

Happy New Year y’all!

I wonder what opportunities I will encounter in 2015. For sure it is going to be another year of filled with exploring, learning, occasional lows and many highs, overall *experiencing* and getting to know myself and my role in this experiment called Earth and humanity!

For starters, this January 1st has been really slow so far (after an intense and loonnng night partying and dancing my ass off with friends at Metz NYE in Rotterdam 🙂 ), though I am pretty sure the rollercoaster ride will start soon enough so, let’s get started! 🙂

Oh, as I am no guy for New Years resolutions you will not find them here. 🙂 I believe more in New Day resolutions…in the end, January 1 is ‘just’ another new day, ah? (especially when you consider that half the world population (China and India) celebrate New Year on a different date!)