Byebye LEAF, hellooo Model S! :)

After nearly 3,5 years of ‘electrifying your car‘, that game is changing, BIG time: byebye Nissan LEAF, hellooo Tesla Model S!! Woohoo! 🙂

My LEAF experience has been amazing, it is a fantastic drive with really only one downside; the range. The advertised 175km seems reacheable only on a warm summer day while driving a whopping 20km/h 🙂 , the actual range is more like 125-140km in summertime and about 80-100km in wintertime (both heavily depending on the use of the climate control)…not enough for me.

The Tesla Model S is really a BIG step up, a game changer in the car industry (car 2.0), a change of the concept of owning/driving a car! Besides the looks (great design), many elements in the car are software based which makes it possibly (&easy) to upgrade the car with a software update; a nice example is the recent update giving the owners more horsepower to play with (!)…it is like owning a whole new car overnight! 🙂

The first kilometers have been truly amazing and something tells me that this car will not stop to amaze me…so, to be continued! 🙂