QOTD June 28 2016 – a day late

Benjamin Disraeli: “Great services are not canceled by one act or by one single error.”


No, no, there is no mistake in the dates, though June 28 was indeed yesterday. 🙂

This quote is actually quite relevant for the services from GoDaddy, my hosting provider. This blog (actually the whole raymondpoort.com domain, AND the other domains I have with them, AND all related hosting services!!) only just came back online after being down since yesterday late afternoon! It took GoDaddy a good 24 hours to get services restored, and still I see ping timeouts.

Being in the services industry myself, I know things can (and often will) go wrong, and one can standout by the way issues are dealt with. Well, GoDaddy did bad, very bad in that respect. I called them today as their status page showed all services up and it took the guy on the phone quite some time (and persistence from my end) to realise and confirm that indeed some of their servers experienced problems……sorry GoDaddy, not good enough, I will be looking for another hosting provider. The sole reason I ended up here was because Adam Curry provided interesting promo codes in his Daily Source Code (that was back in the PodShow days, aaaaages ago!)…time to move on! 🙂