Apple, Intel & IBM and uhhh, ohyeah…iTunes and podcasting! :)

Not the first post on the net about these topics, certainly not the last…

Check out Steve Jobs' keynote speech…interesting stuff!!
The news about iTunes & podcasting functionality got a bit snowed under by the major announcement of the day: Apple's move from IBM's PowerPC architecture to Intel processors.
With the current market attention on future Apple products and last years delay in introducing improved processor capacity (G5 > 3GHz? G5 for the Powerbook??) I think Apple make the right choice.
Most important is actually that they *made* a decision…whether it will be the right one, well, as always only future can tell. Doing nothing was/is/will be never an option!!

Then the 'iTunes with podcasting feature' news;
No surprise that my friend Adam Curry was 'used' by Steve to introduce the phenomenon. Especially after the meeting they had about podcasting two weeks ago.
It was great to hear Adam talk about it in the Daily Source Code…hehehe, trust me, I *know* the feeling he got when hearing this kind of special moments πŸ™‚
And yes, we all know the podcast development wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Dave Winer! The 'other' podfather and (for most people unknown) huge force behind podcasting…thanks dudes!

Future is coming closer everyday! …or are we living our future already?? πŸ™‚