Referrer spam, AGAIN!!

Sjeez, what’s happening the last days? I’m hit with referrer spam

(again!) more than I can handle…or actually, my bandwidth can

handle…it’s eating up my monthly allowance in a couple of days if I

don’t act NOW! Thought I solved this some time ago (check my posts on June 9th and October 7th)

Online poker, casinos, hotelgaydays, texas holdem…just to name a few of the referrers…stop it dudes, I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!

It seems that many internetters among us are hit by spyware/malware

which is sending out the referrer spam, at least as seen from the

originating IP-addresses and their reverse domain lookups…a lot of

DSL or cable type of IP’s)

For now I am banning the IP addresses with a .htaccess, but that’s not

the desired solution (as I *am* blocking many potential visitors of the

site)…anyone any better ideas???