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James Bond’s Mission Impossible

Monday, November 27th, 2006

I saw the latest James Bond: Casino Royale on Saturday. Came back with mixed feelings. On one hand I really liked the movie, the speed was good, stunts nice, sometimes amazing and Daniel Craig surprised me with his performance as the 'new' James Bond. On the other hand I thought the storyline was thin, a bit predictable and James wasn't the true Mr. Bond, untouchable and saving the world from outer space and having babes EVERYWHERE.

On Sunday I saw Mission Impossible III; the storyline was somewhat comparable to Saturdays Bond movie, but the stunts and action/plans the movie hero (Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise) pulled off were James Bond worthy…hmm, did I just say that all in all Mission Impossible III was the Bond movie I wished to have seen?!? 🙂