Taking control

Much in my current life-flow has to do with initiative and taking control/responsibility of me, myself and I.

I see and feel it as a natural part of the development of my being, which in a way has been slowing down a bit over the last years. Not that this is a problem…it just IS. (first of all, I don’t believe in problems, they are merely facts in life…you either create an opportunity out of it or not!).

Looking back I have been somewhat on the sideline, picking those things that passed by which somewhat caught my interest, more re-active than pro-active. And you know what? Living life like that is sssoooo easy, it seems that society/ones environment is tailored for that. There is enough entertainment and distraction, most decisions are made for you if you ‘choose’ so and money has been made so overly important for ‘people’ that it can be (and *is* in many cases!) the only motive worth living for…welcome to modern (‘western’?) society where true passion seems to float away and only sporadically comes to the surface, well, not enough anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to paint a black picture here…I still see many many positive things happening all around me, but the overall trend is there. Mainstream media has, over the last decades, played a big role in shushing ‘the people’ and taking control over their lives, and actually, people feel good by that…as I said, living that life is in a way sssoooo easy! Remember ‘The Matrix’ movie, skip the amazing visual effects and read the bigger picture between the frames…the potential threat of mass-cultivation…it is happening, eh?

That is one of the reasons why the internet has been truly my thing from my first experience with it in the early 90’s and why it plays such an important part in my (personal) life. It creates opportunities for and links people together away from the paved (and cultivated) paths and by that mainstream media looses control (on a sidenote; check out Adam Curry’s blogpost ‘MSM Tipping Point‘; a prediction for 2007)

The internet; I think of it as the beta-program of something much much bigger…bringing people/spirits/energies together and become ONE again…hmm, that’s not likely to happen in 2007 though 🙂

What is?

Well, as said; taking control! It truly *is* the right time (and the only time too, namely NOW!) that this ‘happens’.

That’s the reason I am feeling so good lately, having made the first step back in regaining control of my life and my future!!