Google as spell checker?

An alternate use of Google’s search engine; use it as spell checker!

Think about it…have the spelling of (obscure) words verified by Google’s ‘democracy’!


Easy as a, b, c…whenever you’re not sure about the spelling of a word, just feed your best guess into a Google search box and see what it comes back with.

You might see a ‘Did you mean:’…with your suggestion, but then spelled correctly! If not, chances are pretty high that the initial suggestion was spelled correctly in the first place, especially when there are a lot of search results.

And, if you can’t choose between the initial suggestion and the ‘Did you mean:’ alternative, just pick the one returning the most search results! 😉

(in the top right: ‘Results 1 – 50 of about 122,540 for ….’)

Pure democracy…or? 🙂