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I might have an iPhone in a week!!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

My baby is flying to Houston coming weekend and….might come back with an iPhone!!! That would be soooo cool!

If things go as hoped, I expect the phone (sorry, the iPhone!) to come with the latest and greatest software (v 1.1.3, released during last weeks MacWorld)…that means I’m up for two challenges:

1. jailbreak it; in order to use all its functionalities except the phone

2. SIM unlock it; so I can use it with a different carrier than the U.S. based AT&T

All information I found on the net so far shows that the v 1.1.3 jailbreak is done, but will only be made available in February. 🙁  The SIM unlock might require some additional hardware, but I expect that software solutions will be available soon…right, developers??

Am wondering if I could downgrade the software to the previous version (v 1.1.2) for the time being, it would make things a lot easier!

Woo-hooooo, am thrilled! (yeahyeah, I *do* realize I sound like a geek hehe;))