WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane”

The new version of my blogging software, WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane”, has been released today.

I have been waiting for this upgrade for some weeks (it was initially expected mid-end November) since it has some interesting new features.

First of all, the user interface has been completely redesigned, it is now customizable throughout the entire platform with all the flexibility one could ask for. Also great is the fact that you’re able to have new versions of the software automatically installed (no more backing up and ftp’ing). And these new versions are likely expand the tool further into the social networking area, the new code has paved the path for this move according to WordPress’ founder, Matt Mullenweg. He had an interesting interview with Robert Scoble / Scobleizer talking about the latest release, check it out if you’re geek enough! 😉

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to upgrade right away, I’ll probably have to wait until the weekend…life gets in the way every now and then and these days are like that (filled only with good things, so no drama!).

PS. I didn’t forget about taking some pictures of THE Xmas tree, as said, life got in the way… 😉