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Brussels today

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Start of a new week, a week filled with a trip through Europe; I left Norway yesterday for The Netherlands, was staying over with my parents for the night, before that visiting my sister/brother in law and nephew (who sleeping like a baby boy, which he actually is! 😉 ), and then playing first-line PC helpdesk support for my mothers work PC (I have to admit, my father did a great job in installing Windows XP on that, crashed, computer!).

Today I drove to Brussels, and enjoyed a day filled with customer meetings, teleconferences and an perfect dinner to end the busy day…Brussels is great!

Tomorrow? Back to NL for an afternoon in the office, then flying to sweet Slovakia in the evening to spend the rest of the week there…it’ll be great to be in Bratislava again, it has been some time! They have the Euro now, and I am just in time to exchange my Slovak koruna/crowns! 😉