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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Summertime started today, which is normally a day that people show up one hour late, as they forget about it. Well, the opposite happened to me;

I planned to watch the Australian Grand Prix live, starting at 08:00h (new time) this morning. The ‘Set Automatically’ switch on my iPhone is set to OFF and I didn’t expect the phone to change time to summertime by itself. So I did that manually before going to bed and woke up bright and early at 07:45h, well, that’s what I thought…it turned out to be 06:45h (new time) as the iPhone DID compensate for summertime, nice!

Summertime this year made me be one hour early, instead of one hour late…typically a case of getting caught up, and passed, by technology! 😉

Well, the GP is starting NOW…and I’m here in time!