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You like your TV shows?

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

So, a structural problem for a lot of people in these hectic days is, how to keep up with your favorite TV shows, which are broadcasted at a fixed time every week? Of course you can record it on tape (uhh, what’s that?) or dvd. Some might have options in their digital set-top box, allowing one to watch programs at a later time (kind of Video on demand service), others schedule their life around their favorite show, or have other means.

But, if you’re not afraid of any potential legal consequences, and BitTorrent is no secret to you, then might be your cup of tea! They claim to be ‘your one stop source for all your favorite TV shows’, and are basically ‘offering’ torrents for most tv shows out there…coolio! 😉

I tend to have less of a problem with the legality of this one compared to distributing/downloading music and movies via the BitTorrent network…after all, most of the time you already ‘purchased’ the content via your cable and satellite subscription, so you’re only changing the timing of the viewing and the medium your watching from, no problemo, right?

Well, I guess that statement is up for discussion… 😉