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Cross-posting to Facebook

Friday, April 17th, 2009

My blogposts have always been cross-posted to Facebook via the Blog import option of the ‘Notes’ application.

It works quite ok, but there are some drawbacks; it normally takes quite some time before the application imports the post (I’m talking hours!), the post layout sometimes gets screwed up, the Facebook import is static, so any updates to the post will not be shown and last but not least, comments to the post end up at multiple places (on the blog and within Facebook).

I will therefore use a different method for cross-posting to Facebook; the Wordbook plugin for WordPress. This plugin creates a link to the original blogpost and puts it on my Facebook Wall…all drawbacks of the Notes-Blog import are gone! 😉

So, if everything went well, this post created a link on my Facebook Wall…did it??