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A new toy, and I already hate it

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I (finally) got my new laptop today, a Dell Latitude E6400, and indeed, I spent most of tonight playing with it! 😉

It’s unfortunately no Apple Macbook Pro 🙁 (silly company policy) which already (!) turned out to be a bad choice…I’ve been able to lock myself out of the OS!! Indeed, I am not able to log in to MS Winblows via the fingerprint reader which I enabled as the only way to log in. I figured that using my fingerprint would be a pretty neat, and fast way to log in (swipe your finger and you’re in!), avoiding the ‘cumbersome’ standard Ctrl-Alt-Del method. It worked like a charm at first, but after the laptop unexpectedly went into standby (thx again Microsoft…), the fingerprint reader stopped working (it says ‘Device closed’ at the Login window) and I got stuck, since I don’t have the option to manually type in my password…WTF…and DAMN!

There seems to be no other option than to bring the laptop back to IT-support tomorrow morning…I hate that!!