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Norway – Scotland: 4-0

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I was invited to see the Norway – Scotland soccer game in Oslo tonight. It’s heaps of fun with the Scottish, they are great soccer fans…even when they loose! And they lost, oh man…BIG time; 4-0!!

And not because the vikings where playing THAT good, mainly because the referee missed all the fauls and gave yellow cards (as well as a red card for Scotland) when nothing big happened. Someone told me that the guy was from Luxemburg…perhaps he should buy some goggles and go back to be a handball referee orso. 😉

Anyway, the result was as-is, giving Norway still a (small) chance to qualify for the World Championships in South Africa next year.

As said, the Scottish were great and came with many (2500 people!), all singing, cheering, grieving, yet still keeping their great sense of humor!