Svencouver turns into Svencrossing

Sven Kramer’s goldrush at the Vancouver Olypics has ended after he got disqualified for not switching lanes during his 10,000m race today…Svencouver became Svencrossing… 🙁

The mistake was caused by his coach Gerard Kemkers who pointed Sven halfway the race to the inner lane while he should have taken the outer lane.

The fact that Sven Kramer skated one of the best races of his life, putting everyone more than 4 seconds behind and obviously good for gold, does not count…it would have been, no, should have been the all time 100th Olympic Gold Medal for The Netherlands, and yet it is not.

Damn, it’s pretty tough to get over this for a top athlete who is training for four years for this event. And I’d say it’s even tougher for his coach Gerard Kemkers…this is not the first time that he has to swallow the disappointment of loosing an Olympic medal; he himself fell during his 10,000m race in the 1988 Calgary Olympics which cost him valuable seconds, he came in fifth and missed a guaranteed Olympic Medal…

Well, I wish both of them good luck in getting over it…hopefully they’re able to focus again for the Team Pursuit later this week.