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And Marantz it is…

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

My Marantz AV receiver (SR5400) broke down and since I enjoy music even more when the sound system is right (I *love* that!) and movies/TV series are way better experienced with superb surround sound, it was time for something new!

While my old Marantz SR5400 was still performing fantastic until recently, it had its shortcomings such as no HDMI nor network access/other nifty features, the biggest one shortcoming was its -most likely- broken power supply. 🙂

As I wanted to re-use my existing KEF KHT 2005.2 speaker system, the new AV receiver needed to comply with the direct and tactile sound experience from the KEFs and after hours of resading reviews and listening to various setups, the verdict is in: once again Marantz! The Marantz SR6008 won the battle over the Pioneer SC-2023!! I can pick it up Tuesday, just in time for my flight back Wednesday to my new music and movie sound paradise at home!! 🙂


QOTD March 9 2014

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Paul Hawken: “Everything is connected…no one thing can change by itself.”