Gratulerer med dagen Norge!

Today Norway celebrates its Constitution (‘Grunnloven’) on May 17 better knows as ‘syttende mai’, so GRATULERER MED DAGEN Norge (Congratulations Norway)!!

Not the best weather, though it is dry and that is all we need! 🙂

We’ve had a nice champagne brunch (champagne for me and my parents, lemonade for Misha LoL), and just came home from the traditional ‘barnetoget’ (Childrens’ Parade). It was pretty special this year as Misha being a ‘pre-schooler’ led the parade, holding the banner together with his fellow pre-school friends! All dressed up and Misha with a pink hat (rosaruss) to mark the transfer from kindergarten to primary school.

Hurra for Norge, we’re all celebrating and waving flags!! 🙂

(and yes, we did have ice-cream, part of the ‘syttende man’ tradition 🙂 )