Indoor climbing

I went climbing yesterday…indoor climbing that is!

Having never done this before, I must say it’s a great thing and actually more

difficult than expected. You use muscles that you didn’t know the

existence of 🙂

My best friend from Down-Under, Mike, introduced me to this sport (he’s

doing this several years already) and I went to a climbing wall

(‘klimmuur’ in dutch) in The Hague (climbing center ‘Steep Part’)

All in all it went pretty good for the first time, even though I didn’t

manage to climb a part with a over hang (when the wall is slightly

coming to you and you’re climbing ‘underneath’ it), sjeez…those

climbs are TOUGH! My underarms and hands are feeling the work they did

yesterday, showing myself that I gave it my best shot.

I learned that

climbing is actually all about saving your energy, using technique and

your brains and not brute power to climb up. You still need some

mucle-power though, so I will train especially my arms for the next