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Thursday, January 26th, 2006

For those who don’t know; I play volleyball with Quintus from Kwintsheul (a tiny tiny village in the neighborhood). Not on a very high level (regional competition, 3rd class), but that might change!

We’re currently #1 ranked after 14 out of 22 games and yesterday we made a big step towards a possible championship…we played against #2, Kalinko, who were 2 points behind…after a tough and tight game we won 3-1 (with a last set won by 25-11 !!). He he he, they’re 4 points behind now! I’m sure the other teams in the competition have a difficult nut to crack now! YEAHHH!

For everyone who is interested in the ranking, check out the NEVOBO volleyball site (only in dutch, sorry!). I’m playing in the first men team (Quintus H1).