BRTC: the first results

Yesterday was BRTC or 'Bum Rush The Chart' day, today we see what was accomplished…the latest stats show that the song topped no. 5 in The Netherlands, YEAAHHHH…proud to be part of this one!!!

The Black Lab song 'Mine Again' didn't reach No.1 in any of the charts, which can very well be due to the way Apple iTunes is creating this chart: in The Washington Post story on BRTC, Derick Mains, a spokesman for Apple declined to comment on the
campaign but said the bestseller list is compiled using proprietary
methods that the company doesn't disclose. "It's much more complicated
than taking a snapshot of the previous 24 hours' worth of sales," he

…interesting…but despite this, I feel we *did* make a difference and showed that there is an (growing) audience interested in podsafe music/artists. Besides that, the initiative is sponsering scholarship(s) with the money coming out of the iTunes Store sales topped with a nice gesture from the Student Loan Network…so, in the end BRTC at least makes a difference for some kids!