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First day in the office

Monday, June 18th, 2007

I’ve successfully managed to get myself through the first day at work, it actually wasn’t that hard to change back to working mode after the time off. 🙂

It was really nice to meet and talk to my former colleagues, who have become my new colleagues! Been busy arranging things like the entrance pass to the building, etc. and had a first meeting with my new boss. We have started to define what I should actually do here hehe:).

The job title is Program Manager Customer Satisfaction, so I will be responsible for satisfying our customers…uhhhh, in every way?!? Aahhhh! 🙂

It involves working within the company to streamline inter-departmental workprocesses (high attention for customer focussed business practises) and it also means going out to the customers (UN, NATO, WHO to name a few!) and get a good understanding for their needs, points to improve, issues to take care of etc. in ALL phases of our (satellite) service delivery (Sales, Project implementation and Operations). Verrrry interesting and challenging!