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My new phone; Nokia E65

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

A new job, a new phone…I had the opportunity to *choose* a phone, which was nice for a change. Did some poking around and the winner is: the Nokia E65!!

It’s a smartphone, I hope it’s not outsmarting me :), so besides calling there is more much more that you can do; the WiFi for instance makes it possible to connect to the internet whenever there is an WiFi-accesspoint around as you’re used to…*without * bearing the high costs for 3G mobile networking.

I tried the Gmail and Podcasting (alternative) applications already and they truly are a charm. Was able to overcome a returning problem I normally run into when being away from home; my iPod is syncing to my Mac mini at home which is mastering iTunes including podcasts. Hehe, I catched caught up with this weeks Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code…am truly becoming more and more mobile!!

There is so much more in this phone, need more than just a few days to ace the device, but sofar…a happy geek here, up in Norway! 🙂