Windows ICS and iPhone

This one is for geeks;

Am in a hotel in NL and guess what? No WiFi in the room…again! Forntunately this room has a fixed internet connection in the room, which works ok from my laptop (it’s not too fast, but hey, you can’t have it all 😉 ).

Now, I’d like to access the internet also from my iPhone, which ‘only’ has WiFi.

Hmm, I figured I can use my laptop as a Wireless Access Point by enabling ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and set up a Computer-to-Computer (ad hoc) network…easy peasy! Well, not really. 🙁

The iPhone does connect to the ad hoc Windows network, it even gets an IP-address, but I can’t browse nor ping the internet from my iPhone…even disabling the Windows Firewall didn’t help. Friggin’ Winblows…damn, wish I had a MacBook (Pro), am pretty sure I’d connect seamless!

Anyone any tips?