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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-17

Thursday, July 17th, 2008
  • On da road…Pohoda here we come!!! #
  • Close to Frankfurt already, not too much traffic, Robbert is driving…hehe, I love a good roadtrip! 😉 #
  • No tweets for some time; indeed, I was driving the car through Germany. 😉 Close to the Austrian border now, so 2/3 is done! #
  • Austria is as it is every year; no fun at all!! And as expected it’s raining cats and dogs, quite a challenge to avoid them on the road…;) #
  • Bratislava baby YEAH!! Dinner in Aupark shopping center. The rain is pissing down here as well so setting up the tent will be a challenge… #
  • Pohoda, we’re here!! Doing some shopping at the nearby Tesco, we need some plastic to put the tent on 😉 the rain ain’t gonna spoil the fun! #
  • HALLELUJAH!!! It stopped raining the moment we arrived at the festival terrain!! This is gonna be friggin’ GREAT!! #