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WordPress 2.6

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I just upgraded my WordPress installation on this blog to the latest version 2.6. Nothing dramatic changed, but some nice features were added (see the changelog).

No regrets since I changed from Pivot to WordPress, especially since WordPress released a native iPhone application allowing me to blog directly from my iPhone! Now I just have to wait for a sim-unlock on the latest iPhone 2.0 firmware, the ‘community’ got the Jailbreak already out while I was partying at Pohoda, so I expect the sim-unlock soon!

*** UPDATE ***

I just discovered that the PwnageTool, responsible for the Jailbreak, is actually able to unlock my iPhone since I have the ‘older’ 2G iPhone…the sim-unlock ain’t possible for the new iPhone 3G, THAT tricked me.

Hmm, I might wait a bit, because is not updated yet and I rely on a lot of ‘third party’, non Appstore applications.