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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-20

Sunday, July 20th, 2008
  • I guess it’s time to zzzzzz…good night/morning 😉 #
  • Oof, waking up after two days of partying ain’t easy at all… #
  • Wow, this is amazing; it started to drizzle right after we packed the tent!?! I don’t know who kept Pohoda dry for us, but THANK YOU! #
  • Jeez, it took an hour to leave the festival terrain…a typical case of too many cars trying to leave all at once. #
  • Driving to Prague, looking forward to wander through the city (it’ll be my first time there). #
  • Wandering in the Old City of Prague…this city is stuffed with some amazing historic buildings. Guess what…we’re having a great time! #
  • Where’s an umbrella when you need one? It started to rain… #
  • Walking on ‘Karluv most’ (Charles’ bridge), check wikipedia for the details 😉 beautiful sunset behind the castle. #