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Gas prices

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I had to fill up the car this morning, since I was close to dry up the tank…the first fill would have cost me NOK 666…I’m not superstitious but to stop at the ‘Number of the Beast‘ would be a bit too much, I still had a 100km drive to go. 😉 So, I completely topped it up, bringing me down a little over NOK 700, then I realized; that’s a friggin’ EUR 90, for one tank!!! Jeez, this is only a 50 liter tank!!

Perhaps I should consider a hydroxy booster like Adam Curry recently installed?!? Anyway, I’m glad Adam keeps me/us up to date with the how and why of todays oil prices in his DSC, formerly called Daily Source Code, but since it ain’t daily no more, I expect it to be soon called, uhh, Dandy Source Code? 😉