The Beamer is IN!

It was kinda hectic, but I managed, the Beamer is IN the garage!! 😉

I came back from NL early evening and had a nice surprise waiting for me; first at the airport where the car was half snowed in and consequently a similar surprise at home;  50cm of snow in front of the garage!

I’m getting used to the exercise, so I directly started shoveling. Unfortunately (or actually, fortunately! 😉 ) I had to clean BOTH the path in front of the garage AND the area next to it, all in order to make some space for MULTIPLE cars! 😉

It took took me 1.5 hours, and, a sore back again…:(

Then Willy picked me up, drove me to the workshop, and there I saw the new car…for the first time I might add! Hehe, it has been quite an experience buying a car that I never saw myself…well, what can I say, I have some great friends whom I trust till death!

And now; life is GREAT! The car looks fantastic (especially considering its age) and driving it back home was a Yippee ki-yay! 😉

We’ll have fun with this car, for sure!

Pictures of the evening are in my Flickr photostream! 😉