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Disaster at Pohoda

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

If you read my Tweets from last night ( or followed the international news, you’ve seen that the (13th!) Pohoda festival ended in a way that should not be. A 25 year old boy died and more than 40 others were hospitalized after the biggest dancetent with around a thousand dancing people, collapsed in the storm…aweful and a national disaster. Logically the festival was cancelled right away, the terrain looked like a warzone, and everyone was forced to leave (causing traffic to be jammed for hours!). What a difference with some years ago, when an even bigger thunderstorm created a bonus lightshow for The Prodigy, making it a magical performance, one of the best I’ve ever seen…It seems to me that there was something wrong with the tent construction; the wind was strong, but not THAT strong, our tent was standing at the very front and catching all the wind first, it didn’t seem lethally strong.
What a way to end our festival highlight of the year…it’s unsure if there will be a next Pohoda, hopefully there will be, so everyone is able to get the good vibes back.