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Monday, July 27th, 2009

The real work started today: getting out the old laminate floor was relatively easy, the surprise of the day was the SECOND old laminate floor underneath!! Aaahhhh! 😉

We managed and after that we took down the indoor brick wall (which was protecting the wooden wall underneath against the heat coming of the fireplace). Since the fireplace will go somewhere else, the bricks could go off…and that meant brick by brick (aahhh!); taking that wall down was HARD work!!

In the mean time, back ‘home’, almost everything was packed by the girls, we divided the work and we’re right on schedule!

I have to say, everything is actually going quite according to plan, everything except for the cleaning of the new house…this is quite a big thing in Norway, especially when I compare it to NL where the first thing one does when entering a new house is: cleaning! Well, in Norway the seller should make sure that the house is SO clean that the buyer should not have to clean it anymore…as you can guess, the cleaning was hardly done, and the broker seems to try to play tricks on us, F#CKFACE! The last word has definitely not been said about this…