Birkebeiner – done that (again)

It was a pretty tough ride yesterday mainly due to a shitload of mud on the track (we even had to walk considerable parts because of it!), but I MADE IT…I can call myself a birkebeiner, once again!

Coming back from the area was a bit cumbersome, since my car was at the start in Rena and I ended in Lillehammer, dirty and tired. After a refreshing shower I managed to hop on the bus bus back to Rena, a 2h drive. There I had to wait another hour until my bike arrived with a truck and could only then drive back home, arriving 1:15am…totally knackered!

Needles to say, I slept like a baby and am feeling pretty good today; no musclepain (although that normally comes the second day after), a tired feeling in the lower back and a sore butt. 😉

Not too much time to relax today however; my brother will arrive later today with Patricia and Jurre, so I am cleaning da house!