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Sal the lizzard

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Lizzards are often seen around houses here in Bonaire (yes, the climate is THAT nice! ;)). Our bungalow is no exception and there are at least four lizzards that seem to live here more or less permanent, we named them; Mac, Sal, Mandy and Liz…pretty straightforward names if you know the dutch word for lizzard; ‘salamander’. 😉
Today I’d like to introduce Sal the lizzard; roughly 30cm long (including his half green tail), pretty curious and unlike most lizzards, not afraid of humans. I guess some previous renters have fed him, and in the process converted him to a pet rather than a ‘wild’ animal living on instinct…pity.
We don’t, so Sal needs to fall back on his roots these weeks and find his own ants. 😉