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Google Wave

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

My early sign-up for Google Wave turned into an invite today, finally hehe! 😉

Google Wave is a personal communication and collaboration tool designed to merge your different ways of Internet communication (e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, social networking, etc.). I haven’t got much time to play with it yet, but will do in the coming weeks.

Robert Scoble (a.k.a. Scobleizer) describes Google Wave as follows:

“Imagine you had an infinitely-long strip of paper that you, and your friends, could write on anywhere along the strip. Imagine that you could write anywhere along that strip anytime, or even all at the same time.”

He btw. also comments that this initial thought has been put in an email interface making it useless…well, let’s see, perhaps it might be useless for an information junk as he is and not so useless for anyone else. 😉

Together with the invite today, I received 8 invites to give away…let me know if you want one, if I like the reason it’s yours!

Happy waving!