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Back where it all began

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

I am in a three days meeting session held in a conference center just outside Oslo which is a special place for me:

Early 2007, just after I announced my resignation from my previous job, I was asked to participate in a team preparing a big proposal. The team was located in Norway and the job was indeed huge, which meant that we needed to sit together on a week-on week-off basis.

The first meeting took place in the same conference center that I am in now.

My historical achievements and approach in that process were apparently seen by the Norwegian management who then started talking with me whether or not I would be interested in moving to Norway and join the company there.

My initial reaction was; ‘we can talk, but knowing the company as well as I do (I worked there for almost 10 years already) and having an ambition to do something else, it will probably lead to nowhere’. Well, we talked a bit more (and a bit more) and then I received an offer for a very challenging, newly created, position. I decided to go for it and move my life to Norway, starting mid June 2007…the rest, as they say, is history. And, I have no regrets…am still loving it here everyday!