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Cars…and batteries

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

It has been one of those days (actually evening): leaving the office after 7pm, one of the last, and then finding my car without any battery power…even the electric door lock didn’t work! 🙁

…how was *that* possible? I had no problems in the morning, it’s around zero degrees in Oslo these days (and well above zero in the parking garage!)…and no one in the office at that time who could help me out…damn!

Luckily I’ve got the jump start cables, so the only thing I needed was a helpful driver to get the car started…well, THAT seems difficult in Oslo these days; it could be bad luck just this day, but all men in the four (!!) cars I stopped told me they couldn’t help me for some different BS reasons!! Jeezzzz, how difficult can it be to be helpful?? 🙁

It’s good that I’m a member of NAF, the norwegian ‘ANWB‘ (NL) or ‘AAA‘ (USA), they came one hour after I called them and the man got the car started within the blink of an eye! He then made me a great deal on a new, superb battery and also installed it…hey, hey, the days of a non-starting car are over, yesss!! 😉

Btw. it was interesting that the guy had an Acer Netbook fixed on his dashboard *with* a live internet connection (having his Facebook page up), hahaha…welcome to 2010, when guys helping you on the road still need to be connected to the Net!! 😉