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Airplay turns the AppleTV into YOUR personal TV

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Apple’s AirPlay is slowly unleashing its true potential now that more and more iOS Apps support the protocol.

AirPlay enables you to stream media directly from your ‘iDevice‘ (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) to your AppleTV or AirPort Express which is connected to your audio system and/or TV. The first Apps supporting the protocol were some ‘native’ Apps such as Photos, iPod and YouTube, but more and more 3rd party Apps start to support AirPlay as you can see in this list.

It is already great to play music on your iPhone and listen to it in any room where you have an AirPlay enabled device available; I have an AirPort Express in the kitchen and the AppleTV in the living room.

The bigger potential for AirPlay however is that you can play video straight from your iDevice to your big-screen TV with an Apple TV attached. It will give you to possibility to create your personal TV experience: every App on your iDevice will be a TV channel, available whenever YOU want, with content that YOU choose!!