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Liberation Day

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

A lot happening on this Liberation Day in The Netherlands:

As every year my dad has Birthday today, 66 years young and still going strong…CONGRATS! Life and death came together as it was the funeral of Tjerk’s dad this afternoon; strength and love to him and his family.

One of the reasons to be in NL this week was the transfer of our (ex-)house. Today we put all signatures are on paper, which made it official and final; the dutch house is really SOLD!

Haha, that left us without a house, so no place to stay…uhh, we went to the north of NL, to a farm close to Groningen, to have a ‘Night in the Hay‘… 😉 it was Jaap & Sonja’s gift for our Ode to Love, super romantic!