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Charge your phone by yelling into it?!?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

TG Daily: “As if it weren’t irritating enough to have to listen to people on their mobile phones, a South Korean team has just given people an excuse to yell into them even more loudly. Dr Sang-Woo Kim, of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, has devised a technology that allows phones to be charged simply by talking to them – and the louder the noise, the more quickly the phone will charge…Kim says the technology could also be used on a larger scale through the installation of sound-absorbing walls alongside major roads. These could not only generate electricity, but would have the added advantage of reducing noise levels.”

It is a nice idea, but honestly, I believe this to be a hoax or at least far-fetched…it requiresย  quite some groundbreaking research to increase the efficiency of the ‘charger’ to a more usable level.

Then again, what if this technology is used in environments with loud natural noise, such as deep underground, specific wind-catchers, ocean wave breakers…who knows, it could become the ‘unlimited’ energy source of the future!!